Friday, May 19, 2017

Artist's Statement and Future Plots

When I started the Let's Rape Little Boys project, it was mostly a joke.  A stupid little collection of vignettes from my personal, 14-17 year old fantasies.  Over time, that project became a type of diary.  I wrote about my experiences, readings, and overall life journey.  Gaiden became Taisen, as I joined the military, and served as an intelligence analyst.  My experiences after I returned, wounded, to the USA, played a part in the story as well.  It became much more than just a collection of sexual fantasies. 

The Daughters of Lilith were a relatively late addition to that project.  I had originally wanted to share my weakass excuse for tradecraft with the world, through my game.  I chose MeK (MKO/NCRI) as the conduit of that knowledge transfer.  My burgeoning understanding of The Ahlulbayt made it into that game, as well, along with my newfound (but not *that* newfound) love for erotic hypnosis.  The Daughters were intended to serve as a foil to the MeK Organization.  I cribbed some notes from Nyar, grabbed some propaganda from the one real femped I came across in the "CLogo Era" of the early 2000s (when I was just the right age to participate), and slapped a second church together.  I literally took out the pews from the Catholic Church, and replaced them with beds.  I did not work hard on The Daughters at first.

There was something about The Daughters, though, that kept me coming back.  Lilith, probably.  She became a foil for Fatima (Zahra) in my mind, just as The Daughters were a foil for MeK.  As my love for Fatima grew, my love for Lilith also increased.  I truly enjoy writing about Lilith, even more than I enjoy writing about the Lilians.  I don't know, if there is a Lilith, and I don't know, whether or not that she would be *super* pleased with my activities here.  I do, however, get the feeling she has a pretty good sense of humor, if she does in fact exist.  This artist's statement is as much to her, as it is to anybody else.  If Fatima exists, Lilith might also exist.  Also Djinn.

Just like with Let's Rape Little Boys, Bounty of Lilith was a diary, more than anything else.  I was working with disadvantaged children every day in Eastern Europe.  It was frustrating, watching them go home, to be hungry.  Those experiences made it into the Daughters of Lilith story, and while I'd tried to get the "cautionary tale" aspect of the Lilians out there, there was a limitation with how negative, or *realistic* the Bounty of Lilith magazine, or any other "official" publications could be.  I did at least want to end the story, though.  Maybe it picks up where Nyar's stories... pick up...  Maybe not though. 

These new stories that I'm doing are an attempt to show the reality of the Lilians, as well as the Pagans.  I'm trying to place each character in multiple stories, so that the players can gain a full understanding of who these women are.  For example, a woman, let's call her Parvati, may take a new convert to a burlesque dreampop show in a basement, for one story.  Anoher story might take place in that basement, and be between the Lilian brother and sister who live there.  Parvati might come by, to deliver weed-wine and MDMA-tea to the performers, and bartenders.  Sometimes, the deliveries will be Laotian surplus weapons, equipment, soldiers, or officers. 

Essentially, these stories are about the reality of the Lilians, and their mafia-esque lifestyle.  It'll mostly be from the viewpoint of the children, who are *very* involved in the activities, but a few might be from different viewpoints.  One thing that I'm seriously considering, is "porting" the stories of some Pinky Violence films, like the Rika series, over into the Post-Rev (Cyberpunk 70's) environment, and having the player be a guardian angel, who can manipulate electronic circuits.  The goal of these games/stories would be to teach small electronics repair. 


I'm planning a WINSPMBT and WINSPWW2 campaign for at least some of the "Post-Revolution" storyline for the Lilians.  I'm also planning a "Portland vs Eugene" Jagged Alliance 2 mod, but that'll probably take a while.  I think I might be done with RPGMaker for a while, especially now that I've built my own RPG system in Twine.  So post-rev, the Lilians drop the act, and grab the gats.

But more interesting than the Lilians, in a sense, are the Pagans, and the LRI Pagans, in particular.  They run a relatively large power bloc, and control entire militaries.  Their nations include Romania, Iraq, Angola, and Laos.  They have commandos *everywhere*.  I'd established, in quite a few places, that the Iraq of Taisen was not a particularly muslim or easternized place.  Conversion was happening all the time, and I'd established in a few other places that the entire Ladies' Republican movement was Pagan, in nature.

I'm a bit torn as to where I want to go with the story post-revolution.  I definitely want to continue the story of the Lilians, but I *really* want to continue the story of the Lilians and Pagans battling it out post-rev.  I think, most likely, I'll be making an HOI3 mod for that, but who knows how long that'll take.  Maybe I'll stick to HOI2, and base it of Kaiserreich.  We'll see. 

As for the Twine games, like I said up there in my "artist's statement", I'll be doing a couple of pre-rev stories, mostly about the Pagans and Lilians in and around San Fransisco, with a couple trips up to Salem, and maybe a short exploration of Xexeacte, in the Ubichido territory.  I'm thinking I'll do at least one "Switchblade Sisters" type story post-rev, although I might have it be pre-rev instead.  It depends on what I want to make the gang, on an ideo/theo level. 
I'm really thinking hard about those Half-Breed Rika type stories, though.  I like the idea of putting the player in that "guardian spirit" role, and I *really* like the idea of writing a Yakuza sexploitation motorbike-girl movie with Unions instead of Yakuza, and also /ss/ with a Wiccan warrior nun.  I've always wanted to write some cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk 70s is just calling out to me.  Expect a demo of that sooner, rather than later. 

I'm thinking that the Twine games will wind up being written all together, with characters popping up in one, and disappearing into another.  They're all going to be connected, and I'll be trying to release new chapters weekly.  We'll see what happens. 

You can find my new stuff below :

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kufuku Update and Ideas

So I actually am working on Kufuku these days, and plan to continue working on Kufuku, for the immediate future.  Things are coming along, and I've kind of got a sort of rhythm going, with my workflow. 

I'm not sure whether I've ever really explained how Kufuku is formatted, and what some of the core gameplay concepts actually are.  I know I did that for Joobachi, but I don't think I actually did it for Kufuku, because for a looooong time, Kufuku was actually called, "Joobachi Prologue".
Basically, Kufuku follows the story of Rusty Shackleford, a little white-trash boy in Portland Oregon, whose mother has disappeared off the face of the earth.  You, the player, are Rusty.  This immediately raises some issues, with the standard LRLB formula of an open world, with little quests dotted around.

First off, you're a kid.  Your life is dominated by school, and the adults around you.  Obviously, your mother is gone, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to fuck off from school.  Truancy is a fast-track to CPS, which is an automatic game over, since you get sent to live with your grandmother at that point.  You're a kid

The second element of the gameplay flow ties into the first one.  Since you're so young, like 10, you can't really cook for yourself, and you don't really know how to buy food, either.  You don't have any money, at any rate.  So you're reliant on adults for your meals.  This is essentially the meaning of the subtitle "Kufuku" (hunger), and the general flow of the game.  You, the player, largely go from meal to meal, with each meal becoming its own little /ss/ story, since your meals have to come from somewhere, and of course, all the men have been drafted into "The War".  So you go to some woman, she feeds you, and there's some kind of /ss/ thing that ties into it.  That's where I'm at right now, for the beginning of the game.

At some point, probably after the cherrypop scene, which should take place around day 10 or so, the game will open up, and we'll start in on the third element.  Storyline-wise, this is either going to be contextualized as spring break, or some kind of teacher's strike, or something, that gets you out of school.  Instead of relying on women completely for your meals, whichever group you're closest to will give you a roll of food stamps, and your job will essentially be to go around fucking your way through the women of Portland.
If you've sided with the Lilians, you'll be converting them to Lilism, by saying that they'll get awesome sex 24/7 if they join up.  If you've sided with the Marians, you'll be converting them to Marian Catholicism, by saying that they're on the path of sin, and only Jesus can save them from their terrible lusts.  Either way, you'll be going through the old battle scenes for the actual sex, but this time, instead of actually winning each battle, the goal is to tie.  As in, you both "die" at the same time, or close to it, and the specifics of this are going to be sussed out when I get to them, but there will be a lot of ins and outs to it, and I'm really planning on making the battles interesting this time, from a purely gameplay perspective.  The different skills that you pick will correspond to the types of women that you'll be able to attract, and the sorts of things you'll be able to do with them, in the battle scenes.  So if you're trying to seduce a dominant woman, you'd need a submissive skill, or you'd have a tougher time in the battle scene.  Probably, you'd have to use some kind of item, or get her into some kind of specialized situation.  Also, you'd have to always be cognizant of her "HP", your "HP", and how the two are going up and down.  Wet fish would be easier deal with, obviously, than more active lovers, since they're easier to predict.  Lots of ins and outs, and expect more discussion on this later on. 

So that's the very basics of Kufuku.  You go along through the basic storyline, meeting and being molested/groomed/fed by different women in the first act, until you get to the cherrypop scene, which starts the second act, where school ends, and then you go around probably taking little quests at will, while also banging randos to gain EXP and get to the final tier of the skilltree, which leads into the third act, where the storyline narrows back down, probably goes back to the pattern of meals and an /ss/ story, but the stories are far more explicit, and more than likely feature a battle/sex scene. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

General Outros Retrospective

Well, I couldn't just leave it, could I?  Three years of work, and then I fuck around on the ending?  Come on.  I'm not that big of an asshole.  Hopefully there's no typographical errors on these, because I am not checking. 


So these are the endings to the meta-narrative, which leads directly into Nyar's stories.  Or maybe not.  Kinda-sorta.  Well, whatever.  They're my versions of Nyar's stories.  Basically, this is the viewpoint of the ground pounding "sista", who is far away from the Temples, but is still a part of the whole program.  Most Lilians would get their shots and gummies through the Temple proper.  I guess I like that I was able to wrap things up, although I wrapped them up in like, 4500 characters. 

The big thing here, was bringing all of the little meta-narrative elements, with Medea Circe, and the editor, and the Ubechido, and everything else, and then slamming their round peg, into the square hole, that is my meta-narrative for this project.  I didn't specifically pick the specials that are going in the best of, so it isn't really a best of, but hey, whatever.  The meta-narrative was never going to make sense.  At least it's there though, right? 


So next up is... Nothing!  Probably.  If I start writing 1D stories in this world, or working on LRLB Kufuku again, maybe I'll come back, but we'll have to see about that.

If I don't come back, thanks for all the support, the ideas, the pageviews, and the comments.  Even the crazy/stupid comments.  It's always nice to know that people are enjoying your work.  By the time this goes out on the chans, I should have updated the Omnibus.  If you haven't gotten it, now would be the time.  I'm not sure whether I'll be in a position to update the links, if they go down.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this ride as much as I have.  For those of you who haven't, just remember, it's a story.  

General Outros

 This is me basically me finishing up the meta-narrative, to close out this project entirely.


178aicha - By now, you should understand the general operation of The Grove.  While that particular house of revolution *is* quite special, it is in no way unique.  The vast majority of our operations, around the world, are dependent upon other operations, in other parts of the world.  Some of our detractors, in the Pagan Maternalist sphere, accuse us of being little more than "Northwestern Granola Munchers".  In the laity, perhaps this criticism holds water.  But among our cadre and clergy, this is a ridiculous notion.  Our sisters come from around the world, and in fact, some of our most fervent and *important* revolutionaries lie in the global south, far away from the erotic hubs that Eugene, Portland, Malmo, and Tokyo represent.  Did you know that 86 percent of our complex pharmaceuticals come from Basra?  And the raw materials for their synthesis, come from Bankok.  Much of the money that fuels the Portland Temple is gained through imports originating in Yangon.  We say all that, to say this.  Don't ever take your sisters for granted, and don't make wild assumptions, based on where they are, or where they come from.  There's a decent chance, that they've been serving Our Goddess for longer, and with more vigor, than you have.  

kuntakinteklimax - Sisters, we have reached a magnanimous day, in our revolution.  All of us have been waiting, patiently and eagerly, for our greatest scientific mind, Medea Circe, to conclude her research, into the genetic codes of our little ones, and ourselves.  She has promised us a world of beauty and joy, a world where our babies never have to grow up, and a world where *we* are perfected, and transformed into a reflection of Our Goddess' mercy and love.  I am quite pleased to announce, that this glorious day no longer rests in our prayers, and dreams.  It is *here*, sisters!  Revolution is at hand!  The uprising is not confined to our Cells, Circles, and Temples either.  Our Goddess made us a promise, that when we were ready, that all barriers to our ascension, would be removed.  The greatest barrier of all, is Jehovans, and whether you like it or not, that barrier *will* be removed.  Consider bathtime, with your lover.  Does he always *want* to get in the tub?  Even the most obedient boys sometimes have to be carried in, so that they can be washed clean, inside and out.  With gentle hands, you calmly caress, working in all that luscious lather, even as he pouts and moans, or, if he's *much* younger, thrashes around, and throws a tantrum.  But he must get clean, and *you* are the best woman for the job.  You continue your work, unabated, because you *know* how important it is, for him to be nice and squeaky clean.  When it's all over, everyone is better off for it, and him, most of all.  There will be difficulties, in the coming months, and try as we might, there *may* not be the usual issue of Bounty, in the mail for you next cycle.  For this reason, we've put together a nice collection of fun, sexy, and often quite meaningful stories, to tide you over.  We've also included a copy of The Gospel, just in case you didn't have one handy, along with some information, about getting in contact with us, during and after the initial phases of the revolution.  As always, sisters, stay safe, stay secret, and stay *sexy*!

secgen - Blessings upon you, dear sisters.  Most of you, being so far away from the Regional Temple system, are seeing me for the first time.  I'm not quite as photogenic, or as... pleasing, to the boys, as many of the other clergy.  I'm actually quite shy, in fact.  Even at the orgies, I'll usually only be with two or three of the boys.  But rest assured, I *am* your sister, and in fact, much of what you've learned over the years, from the official texts and magazines, has been collated, curated, and approved, by myself.  My name is Maple Turner, and I'm actually the General Secretary, of the Temple Congress.  That lady with the gavel, on that Temple TV channel that you never watched?  That's me!  But let's get to business.  Yes, it's true.  Medea Circe has finished her research, and has distributed the fruits of her labor, through the usual channels, to Temples worldwide.  Included in this month's package, you will find a number of what appear to be inkpens, corresponding to the amount of people you have listed as local practitioners, in your area.  Those are syrettes, and they contain a compound that will perfect you, both mentally, and physically, in the eyes of Our Goddess.  They will also prevent your young lover, from growing past the outward appearance of around 10, or 12.  I highly suggest that you use these syrettes, but of much, much, *much* greater importance, are the chewable gummies, that have been included, as well.  Our Goddess' method of purifying the earth, is exactly what you think it is, and if true believers are saved through faith, it's faith in the gummies, that their command structure, has provided to them.  One gummy per person, single dose, Lilians and Pagan Maternalists *only*.  You are building your local cadre for the extended revolution here, sister.  Don't fill it with troublemakers.  If you're in a region, or a situation, where you aren't confident in your long-term (2-3 month) sustinance, get to a Temple, by whatever means are available.  If you're on a family farm, or something equally sustainable, you're better off staying there, for now.  Don't worry about looters, the revolution will be sudden, short, and thorough.  If you're staying home, tune the included radio to XXXXX (9500kHz) at 0000 hours, every night, after the revolution becomes most obvious.  Follow the instructions *exactly*.  These coming days will be trying for us all, from the highest preistess, to the lowest laywoman.  But united under the Mantle of Our Mother, we *will* perservere, and we *will* bring revolution, right to Jehovah's doorstep!

Living Gospel Retrospective and General Retrospective

Well, I guess I ran out of time.  There were a lot of things that I wanted to do for this project, but, oh well.  I might come back to this at some point, or I might not.  I guess we'll see.  It's not like I haven't ever fucked off for months on end, though.  I feel like this is as good a sendoff as any, though.  I really like the way this one came out.  It's either poetic, or I'm pretentious.  Probably the second one.


At any rate, like I said, I really dig how this came out.  It's very tight, somewhat by design, but somewhat by luck.  It was supposed to be 10 pages, but when I got to the end, it just looked so good (to me) that I decided against taking it further.  I like that this kind of wound up being something akin to the Position Pamphlet, but with a much tighter, and more theological focus.  It also helps that it's short. 

One of the things that I really liked, was that I was largely able to fill out the lines fully, and separate everything into nice, neat, little blocks.  It wasn't always perfect, but it often did end up looking pretty decent, I think.  The first lines at least, are generally formatted decently well. 

I really love the pictures that I used here.  The girl is super fun looking, and she's kind of the archetype, of what a Lilian is "supposed" to look like.  Maybe with a bigger ass, but she's definitely got that nice hourglass figure.  Huge tits are obviously a plus.  What I really like is how expressive she's drawn.  The artists gave her a lot of character.  Some nice outfits, too.


So.  This is pretty much it, as far as the project goes.  I miiiiiiiight come back to do some of the little things, that I was planning on doing, or I might not.  Not sure.  I'm kind of emotionally invested in ending the project, at this point.  The shuffling stuff around in the omnibus will happen, that's easy.  The other stuff probably doesn't really need done, at the end of the day.  We'll see, though.  

Living Gospel

This is the Living Gospel pamphlet.  It essentially combines and condenses elements of the Position Pamphlet and Timid Boys Pamphlet, into a single package. 



183_0012 - The Living Gospel.  When Mother Sophia confirmed her first few Nuns, that was what she called us.  The Living Gospel, and the Living Goddess.  Lilith lives within all of her devotees, in the sacred wombs of her daughters, and in the immaculate hearts of her sons.  But as ladies, we have a special role, in her revolution.  We represent her most direct representatives, on this Earth, and to her boys.  Just as they drink from our plentiful bosoms, they also are nourished, by gentle advices.  *We* are the Gospel, and *we* are the Goddess, as far as they are concerned.  Our boys will always most readily come to know their goddess through us, her representatives.  The word itself is important, but that word must also become flesh, and make its dwelling among our faithful brothers and sons, for them to truly understand revolution.  When you take a beautiful young boy as your bonded student, you also take on a very special role, in his theological life.  You *become* his goddess, and as much as your training should be from the text, it should also be from the heart.

199_0028 - Our Prophet often spoke quite fondly, of a "cult of the breast", that had cropped up among our boys.  In the Gospel, Our Goddess often relates the act of nursing a child, to the pedagogical labor, that she has taken over the centuries.  But even without the poignant act of drinking from one's goddess, the bosom, soft and warm, has always been a place of special reverence, for our boys.  It is a place of sanctuary, for a sobbing son, as he burrows in, cradled by your loving arms.  It is a place of relaxation, for a pooped-out pupil, reclining into the safety, of your embrace.  It is a place of pleasure, for an eager admirer, as he thrusts between your cleavage, howling with delight, when he finally witnesses Our Goddess, and coats your collar with his cream.  The cult of the breast will always be the first stop, on your bonded student's journey, towards his place in our cadre.  Make sure to give him ample time, to explore and enjoy your ample bust. 

236_0065 - One of the most special and emblematic symbols of Our Goddess' love, is the nursing worship position.  This specific position, incorporates every element of Lilith's adoration for her little ones.  The boy lays in the warmth and comfort of his goddess' lap, drinking from her bountiful breast.  He pleasures her with his tongue, and fingers, and she, in turn, exchanges that pleasure, with her own stroking caress.  But unique to this practice, is the spiritual joy, and unity, of the earthly representative, with her bonded student, and slave.  With her free hand, The Goddess cradles her baby's head, stroking his soft hair, and gazing down, into his loving and trusting eyes.  The two of them share a special love, not as spiritually intense as that of oral worship, or as viscerally pleasing, as dual worship, but important, nonetheless.  As our boy stares up at his goddess, and approaches his pleasure, his hips bucking into her loving grasp, and his tongue lashing fervently, at her nourishing nipple, their spiritual eyes make contact, and they become as one, in a way that is grounded, personal, and *very* memorable.

277_0106 - As a nun, bonded to a student, you are responsible for your charge's sexual education.  But this education doesn't begin and end with teaching him to lick, or training up his stamina.  A very important role of any nun, but especially a bonded one, is to teach her lovely little student, how to better worship, when he's all alone, and thinking of his goddess.  Our Mother loves novelty, and diversity, in the erotic games of her children, and when she sees a boy, passionately pumping, calling out her name, as he accepts her word, it pleasures her immensely.  But what pleases her even more, is the image of a curious little lover, playfully teasing a new, or recently discovered bliss button.  Don't ever think that your sexy students are just waiting around for *you* to come over and play.  They often have very active solo sex lives, and this should be encouraged, by you.  The best way to keep them stroking, is to constantly be opening new doors, and pathways of arousal, in their horny little hearts. 

241_0070 - Easily the most overhyped, and excessively discussed element of a boy's sexual education, is teaching him about pussy.  Yes, it is important.  Yes, he'll be spending a lot of time down there.  Yes, he *needs* to know these things.  Too often, however, we get so wrapped up in the training aspect of it all, that we forget the exploration!  We forget how to just lay back, and let these boys have fun!  There is certainly a time for serious training, but there is also a time for simple play.  Our Goddess, in her Gospel, has written at length about the joy of letting a kittenish young lover frolic between her thighs, poking and prodding, giggling sweetly, as he spreads her open, and moaning lightly, as his coquettish tongue tests the waters, before diving in, and worshiping fully.  When showing *your* boys the 'nice spread', you should hold them back a bit, from doing what they'd normally do.  Give them an opportunity to play, with no expectations, and no demands.  You'll soon find that his adorable curiosity will make a comeback, when it's permitted to. 

268_0097 - There's a time for play, but there's also a time for practice.  Oral worship truly *is* one of the most important elements of our faith, and it's often the starting point, for another crucial matter.  Female Domination.  Our Goddess loves her little ones, and that love is often expressed, through her maternally protective edicts.  We, as clergy and cadre, *must* take stewardship over our beloved brothers in faith.  There are a great number of methods with which we express this unique adoration, but one of the most basic, and encompassing, is the practice of "Queening".  Unlike other oral worship positions, this one is quite firmly female dominant.  It is quite outwardly harsh.  There is often little or no opportunity for the boy to move around, or stop licking.  Any solo-worship can be quickly stopped.  Even if his tongue relents, the mistress is quite free to rub herself off on his lips, or even his nose.  Lastly, and quite brutally, his spiritual eye is misaligned, with his goddess' sacred womb.  But these factors belie a unique comfort, for our boys.  Beneath their mistress, and nestled into the core of her femininity, they can take solace, in their own helplessness.  Delivered from the shackles of expectation, and demand, they can truly allow their devotion and love, to flow freely. 

226_0055 - Anyone who's *really* read The Gospel, knows that Our Goddess' focus on oral worship is nowhere near one sided.  Entire books have been devoted to the fondness that she's shown towards fellating her young devotees.  This special love has often been misunderstood, especially in the Jehovan world, as being male-dominant, or patriarchal.  As revolutionaries, however, we must strive to understand Our Goddess, and her desires.  Just as you encouraged your student to playfully explore and experiment with your snatch, you shouldn't be rushing to pleasures with him, either.  Learn his length!  Every throb, and twitch, can tell you something new about his unique sexuality, and his adorable little gasps and moans, can tell you even more.  As his goddess, you should savor his shaft, planting warm, loving kisses up and down, enjoying the taste of his tantalizing tip, and even relishing in his special scent.  Squeeze his hands tight, as he explodes down your throat, and blow his little mind, as you swallow each and every succulent spurt!

330_0159 - A large number of Priestesses and Nuns, over the years, have tried to quantify the importance of each individual element of a boy's sexual education.  More spiritually minded sisters point to Solo Worship as the most important.  Many of our Defense Industry sisters consider BDSM to be most crucial.  Some venerate Oral Worship, while other place Group Sex in that most cherished place.  Personally, though, I consider the humble act of mounting your charge, to be the greatest and most meaningful expression of Our Goddess' love, and so, it should always be the highlight of your training.  Connected at the hip, quite literally, bouncing up and down on his stiffness, lacing your fingers in his, and looking down at his pleasured little face, knowing, for a fact, that he's gazing up at the same, beautiful expression of lustful abandon.  You slam yourself down, again and again, and he slides so gracefully within you.  You lean down to kiss him, gripping him tightly, as he squeals and shrieks, filling you with his seed.  All he can see, feel, touch, or taste, is Goddess.  His Goddess.  The Living Goddess, and The Living Gospel. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Outro Retrospective

I'm actually kind of glad I waited on this one.  BH2 actually released the outro picture today, and I wasn't originally going to do an outro.  It was just going to end with them kind of looping back to that opener, with the two boys, the mom, and the blonde lady.


It's kind of nice to finally let the boys be a little dommier, for once.  I never write them that way, but it's actually kind of fun.  It's even more fun, when both of the partners are very aggressive in their desires, which I think most of the characters here are, aside from maybe Ceciliana, or whatever I named that younger blonde girl.

I tried to make these characters a little more interesting, from a meta-narrative storyline perspective, since they're in such a weird little love triangle, where they all know that they're all fucking other people, and they kind of like it, but they kind of don't, but then, they deal with it, by fucking other people really hard....

It's an interesting dynamic.  Or maybe not.  But it is a dynamic, and it's not just the same femdom formulaic stuff that I've been pushing out for the past 2 to 3 years. 

One thing that I really liked writing, was the whole thing about the boys being used as a type of status symbol, by the women.  From the parade of acolytes in Sacramento, to Nicole's little walk of pride, in the bar, and probably her banshee screams, as well, there's very much an undercurrent of one-upsmanship among some of the wealthier Lilian women, and the Acolytes are a huge part of that.  They're like trophy boys.  I dig it.

This one was kinda light on actual sex, since the first page is literal foreplay, and then the second one, yes, is a very straightforward (and hopefully intense) sex scene, but then the last page is kind of just Nicole and Sugarvine taking pictures of each other, so that he can use them in their blackmail games later.  Then there's the outro, which is pretty much not sexual at all, and just giving these characters (that I really like) a happy ending.  I think this closes out really well.  That bit about love being spelled time, by the way, came from Imperium, or as it's better known, "Harry Potter and the Final Solution", or as I like to call it, "should have been a fucking miniseries instead".  It was okay.  6.5/10.


So what's next?  Well, whatever I'm going to do, I pretty much have to do it fast, because September 1st is it, for this project.  That's 4 days, which could theoretically be 30 or 40 pages, but then, it could also be like, 6.

So let's see.  What do I need to do? 

Well first and foremost, I need to put together the intros and outros for the magazine best-of, where I'm going to be putting all of the random magazine style sex narratives, that just didn't make it into the magazines proper.  Maybe I'll frame them as being local stories, that were in the localized versions of some of the magazines, but not in the global ones. 

The Priestess guide probably needs an outro, so I can finally close out Lilian Booty Queens.  That one never really got as far as I'd wanted it to, but I think it came out reasonably well.  It does need an outro, though.

The random grimoire pages need to go somewhere, although I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with them.  They might end up in the best of pamphlet. 

I need to do something with the advertisements.  Either give them a cover page, or put them in with the normal magazines, in between the specials.  Something needs to be done with those. 

So that's what needs to be done, but most of that can be done in a single day.  What do I want to do?

I definitely want to at least do a 6-10 pager on the Ubechidos.  They're a fucking huge part of the meta-narrative, and I want to use them to explain some of the deeper history of Lilith herself. 

I kinda want to do something with the large breasted tutor girl, probably another 10 pager, and it'll be about how Nuns can teach the gospel with more fervor, and tie the lessons in with sex. 

If it is in any way possible to do something about the Lilian Defense Industry with Pinknoise's /ss/ in the APC set, I'd like to do a 10 pager for that. 

There's also a 10 pager on coven or minor temple life that I could do, although it's a little lower on the list, since it's essentially just a carbon copy of the sex-ed pamphlet. 

So we'll see what gets done, and what doesn't get done.  I'll probably be doing at least the stuff that needs to be done, so expect to see a lot of meta-narrative.  I'm thinking that I really want to bring back the Ubechidos too, somehow, so kinda expect that one, as well.  The other stuff will have to depend on how busy I am in these next 4 days.  I really do have a lot of shit to take care of.