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Night Journey Ritual Retrospective

So you'd think I'd get it by now.  When you've got writers block, and you can't get a narrative done, don't let it sit on your other workspace for days, hoping that it'll all magically start making sense.  Do something else. 


I've been sitting on this prewrite for a while now, months or years, at this point.  I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, but since I've got something to the tune of like, 5 days to finish all this shit up, it's now or never time.  So I decided to just crank this bitch out, and surprise surprise, I ended up getting the whole thing done and dusted, in only a few hours.  It's almost like I'm really interested in theology, or something. 

I really, really, quite genuinely love the way that this came out, and the way that the Night Journey ritual kind of gives each participant their special time in the sun.  Making rituals really is fun, and I think these are pretty fun for you guys to read, as well.  But anyway, I like the way that the girl always has something to do, in the ritual, and while she's kind of playing second fiddle (or backup, maybe?) to the Nun, she's always at least in the scene, and doing something.  I think putting her in the text of the scene really added a lot of depth to the narrative, and to the overall story of this ritual. 
It really is all about her, in the end.  If you notice, there's always this element of her getting kind of built up, where the Nun is fucking all of these boys, but she's just sitting on the sidelines, getting herself off.  She's being denied at first, but the Nun always lets her off the leash, at some point. 

Another thing that I like, is that this ritual actually did end up having 3 separate blocks, which was something that I was trying to do with the other one, the one with the 2 boys, but I ended up not really making that one happen.  I got it down, though, in this one.

One thing that I kinda sorta wanted to do, but didn't end up doing, is to have a little outro page, that shows the five of them walking back, and carrying different packages, that are essentially supposed to be drugs, that they're carting back to the Temple, because the shrines are essentially cover for dope labs.  I wanted to do that, but in the end, I liked the outro that I had, and I didn't want this to end up going on for too long, or getting too off track.  I built a tight little product here, and I didn't want to fuck that up. 


So next up, if I can get over my writer's block, is the finale of Crone Zone.  If I can't get over my writer's block, it'll be something else.  Either way, expect more content. 

Night Journey Ritual

This is the Night Journey Ritual pamphlet.  It goes through the story and ritual of the Night Journey, which has been mentioned a couple of times in earlier stories.

95_48 - If there is a single ritual, that we as Lilians can point to and say, "Yes, this is important, *this* should be shared with all devotees", it is the Ritual of the Night Journey.  This ritual tells the very important story of Our Prophet's acceptance, of the gospel.  It is very much the story of our faith, and how our theology was formed.  All regional temples *must* have a grounds to perform this ritual, and most Lilian Temples, above the Coven level, have made at least some attempt, at procuring and preparing the physical land that this ritual requires.  Almost all Lilian resorts, even those at the Circle level, have a grounds to perform this ritual.  The Ritual of the Night Journey is a curricular ritual, conducted by a small group of mostly laity or students, with no audience aside from Lilith herself, and a goal of education, glorification, and remembrance.  Nuns who are putting together a group for this ritual, should pick three of their boy students, and one girl, who we will assume, is her Apprentice.

57_10 - The ritual begins where Our Prophet's story begins, in the small outdoor shrine, at the beginning of the ritual "trail".  This will usually be a simple marble or granite slab, just large enough for a grown woman to lay upon.  The nun lays down on this slab, representing Mother Sophia, as she awakens in the Domain of Our Goddess.  As she opens her eyes, she is met with the lovely slaps and squeals, of the Heavenly Harem, gasping and moaning, as they stroke themselves, to her sexy form.  Mother Sophia, not yet awakened to the love of Our Goddess, is at first confused, and then repulsed, by the eroticism of the boys, and especially, their loving tribute.  Upon receiving this tribute, she storms out of the welcoming chamber, and runs directly into Our Goddess.  This element of the ritual is quite simple and straightforward.  Lay down on the slab, and have the boys conduct solo worship, onto your clothed body.  Take their tribute, but try to act like you're unhappy about it.  Your apprentice should be standing alongside your prone form, tending to a handheld incense burner. 

61_14 - Before continuing along the trail, the role of Lilith, in our story, must shift to the Nun, and the role of Mother Sophia, must shift to her Apprentice.  Our Prophet, during the events of The Night Journey, was transformed into her 10 year old self, by Lilith.  In the text, Sophia speaks of a flash of light, and an immediate transformation.  The two of them then set out, on the eponymous "Journey".  Obviously, we can't transform *anyone* in a flash of light, or with the snap of our fingers.  We do ritualize this very important moment, however, with a sweet and solemn nursing session, between the Nun, and her Apprentice.  As the nourishing, nurturing, flow passes from yourself, to your young sister, the essence of Mother Sophia, flows as well.  Additionally, the image of Mother Sophia becoming a child, cradled in Our Goddess' lap, just like the male martyrs and devotees that came before her, is quite meaningful.  As your Apprentice drinks her fill, your male students should be seated or kneeling before the two of you, watching, in quiet contemplation. 

70_23 - The second stop on the ritual trail, is another outdoor shrine.  This time, there will normally be a largeish brass bell, attached to a wooden fixture.  There should also be a small clearing nearby, where the ritual will take place.  As Our Goddess led Mother Sophia to her palace, the two of them were stopped, by a trio of attractive male devotees.  They loved their spiritual mother, and wanted to share themselves with her.  She instructed one lucky boy to lay below her, and enjoy her sopping sex, while the others stood, to be serviced by her talented tongue.  Our Prophet looked on in wonder, her curiosity overcoming the initial disdain, as she watched Our Goddess pamper and please her loving slaves.  As each of the boys were brought off in turn, their satisfied sighs and gratified groans, reverberated through Our Prophet's soul, until her deft fingers, finally found themselves between her slim thighs, and her pleasured coos, joined the chorus of Lilian lust.  To conduct this part of the ritual, simply take one boy beneath you, while the other two stand above.  Alternate between sucking each of them, while you ride the other.  Your Apprentice should be watching, and conducting solo worship.  Before you leave this ritual stop, ring the bell three times, to represent each boy's orgasm.  Then burn a cone of incense, to represent Mother Sophia's. 

66_19 - The three indoor shrines mark the beginning of the second "chapter" of the ritual, and the middle element of the Night Journey, as a story.  The first shrine, is devoted to the first Temple, in Uruk, and to Lilith's first martyr.  Here, Our Goddess transformed into a Maiden, lithe and spry, *extremely* voracious.  She attacked her martyr with a with a ferocity that both startled, and aroused Mother Sophia.  She bit and scratched, marking the martyr as hers, and leaving hickeys and love bites all over his small body.  Her long, flowing, hair danced wildly, as she undulated atop her placidly pleased, and *very* submissive, little lover.  Our Prophet watched, wide-eyed and gasping in exhilaration, as Lilith laughed wickedly, smothering her slave with those massive mammaries, again and again.  Soft femdom is the focus of this shrine's sex act, and as such, the boy you choose to play Lilith's first martyr, should be decently skilled in active submission.  Most of these shrines have accommodations for restraining the other boys in some way, either chaining them to a wall, or otherwise restricting their movement.  If you decide to go this route, you may want to have your Apprentice stroke the boys off, *very* slowly, while you put on your show, as "Queen Bitch".

65_18 - The second shrine, is devoted to Lilith's second Temple, in Thrace, and to her second martyr.  When Lilith and Sophia arrived at her second martyr's dwelling, Our Goddess chose to present herself as a Mother, plump and fertile, soft and warm.  Very giving, and very loving.  Her second martyr had chosen to greet Lilith as a virgin, allowing her to wipe his heart, temporarily of course, of all its carnal knowledge, and erotic understanding.  He would appear before her, as pure as the day he was born.  Lilith, in her more maternal guise, worked slowly with her martyr, spreading herself wide, for his curious soul, to touch, and to explore.  When he was ready, she welcomed him inside, guiding his trembling boyhood to its rightful home, and laying back, as his awkward thrusts, turned into more refined, rhythmic pumps, and cooing in delight, as, all too soon, his adorable moans signalled the height of his pleasure.  Innocence takes the fore, at this shrine, and the best boys to play second martyr, are converts, with limited experience, sexually.  Often, the Apprentice will take the remaining boys to her budding breasts, as she watches the action before her. 

67_20 - The final shrine, before the ritual's third act, is devoted to the third Temple, and the third martyr, the last prophet of Lilith, before Mother Sophia.  The third Temple was located in London, and was a bit different from the others.  When Our Goddess and Prophet came to the final martyr, Lilith became the Crone, wizened, and bent with age, but still attractive, in a very refined, and regal sense.  When Mother Sophia witnessed the delicious debaucheries present in the third dwelling, she couldn't contain her lust.  The third Temple was one of artists, and almost entirely *gay* artists.  Her martyr, was certainly more interested in his fellow man, than in his esteemed mistress.  Lilith, here, took a differing approach, guiding her martyr through his ultimate fantasy, to take cock, after cock, after dripping, spurting, shaft.  This shrine is all about exploring new horizons, and as such, the boy you choose to play the third martyr, should be one that you'd like to see a more adventurous attitude from, in the future.  He should be fucking you up the ass, and you should probably play with his, as well.  Your apprentice should be giving gentle prostate massages, to each of the other devotees. 

74_27 - When the five of you arrive at the Mother's Sanctuary, there will often be a distinctive feeling of excitement, cutting through the fatigue of the journey.  Depending on how spaced out the shrines are, the physical fitness of the group members, and the specific terrain, of the ritual grounds, it could be anywhere from hours, to *days*, since your group started its pilgrimage.  Whatever the case, though, the entrance to the Mother's Sanctuary always represents the same thing.  Our Goddess, and Our Prophet, finally arriving at the palace of Lilith, and the nexus, of her revolution.  They are met by the smooth skinned, lovely eyed boys, of the Heavenly Harem, Our Goddess' most devoted slaves.  It is here, that Our Goddess savors her most refined pleasure.  As she embraced her slaves, one after another, her appearance shifted, to suit their unique desires.  The festival of lust had begun, and Our Prophet could only watch, in stunned silence, as the Bounties of Lilith were laid bare, before her.  This element of the ritual is another straightforward one.  After performing your ablutions, and resting, if need be, you should take your three students in polyfilial worship, just as Lilith did.  Your Apprentice should, again, perform solo worship, but she should be ready to join in, when the ritual calls for it. 

71_24 - As each of the boys took pleasure from his goddess, the love became more leisurely, and relaxed.  Instead of the *very* intense, 'triple penetration' of the initial lusts, the worship of the boys slowed down, and shifted towards a gentler eroticism.  Of particular importance, was Mother Sophia's reaction to all of this.  She'd finally built up the confidence to approach her goddess in lust and adoration.  While the boys were lounging next to the mother, stroking from her calves, up to her tummy, taking turns at her breast, and between her thighs, Our Prophet timidly crawled over to Lilith's milky breast, drinking from The Goddess, and riding her deft fingers to orgasm, after heady, screaming, orgasm.  In Mother Sophia's Night Journey story, Our Goddess' smooth, creamy, milk had both sedative, and empathogenic properties.  Try as we might, we've never *really* been able to replicate this effect, through any normal means, but our monks do make sure to lay out a spirit herb and spore of life concoction, with a honeyed cream base, which mirrors the stated tastes and effects of Lilith's breast milk here.  As the night moves forward, your boys and apprentice can self-administer this sacrament, as they like. 

72_25 - As the night of lust marched forward, the boys, deeply affected by their goddess' creamy love, and dreamy lusts, fell into a much deserved slumber.  Alone at last, Lilith and her Prophet retired to the Goddess' bedchambers, and partook of their own, very *special* communion.  Mother Sophia, finally awakened to the truth of revolution, was drawn to her goddess, and was soon crawling between her soft, warm, thighs, to lick at her dripping honeypot.  What she found, was yet another sacrament, as her taut skin began to tingle with increased sensitivity, and her already dripping quim, became hot, and needy.  Our Goddess' love juices hit Sophia with a ravenous, entactogenic kick of desire, and it didn't take long, before Our Prophet was mewling and begging, for her goddess' attentions.  Just like the last sacrament, this concoction, should be warmed and ready, when you enter the private ritual room, of the Mother's Sanctuary.  This is the part of the ritual, where you express to your Apprentice, the great love and desire, that you hold for her.  Drink the sweet, fruity beverage with her, and then *really* give her a nice, satisfying, experience.  Don't be afraid to coddle and spoil her here, that's what this element of the ritual is about!  As the two of you finally collapse, exhausted, into one another's arms, and drift off to sleep, you can rest well, with the understanding that you have glorified the Great Mother, as well as Our Beloved Prophet. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 2 Retrospective

So these didn't take long to write but they did take some time to release, and I think you guys might be seeing things like that, in the coming days.  I really do have a lot going on, right now.


I kept the same alliterative style, since it would have been really weird, if I'd switched it up halfway through.  I think it actually works well, to characterize the narrator, somewhat.  Fun to write, as well.

The story here goes about like you'd expect it to, honestly.  There isn't much to say here, that didn't get said in the last post.  One of the things that I liked, though, was how I was kind of able to get Ares back in on the action, and then kind of fast forward to the woman being a Nun, so I could include her in the outro. 

One of the things that I didn't end up doing, that I might go back and do, is add a name to one of the pages, either the opener, or the closer, because I feel like the narrator for this one was really quite opinionated, and had a nice, fun character to her.  So I might give that character a name.  Maybe, maybe not.


So next up is definitely going to be more Crone Zone, I'm not going to put that off any longer.  I think it might be the outro for that one, too.  Beyond that, I'm thinking I will actually do the Night Journey Ritual guide, if for no other reason, than to add a bit of background to BroSis RockyTop.  Also, to get more rituals into the Omnibus, because they're one thing that I never really ended up doing.  After that, it's really just the Bounty of Lilith Best Of intro/outro, which will be tied in with the meta-narrative.  I'll probably tackle that last, though, since I still need to make my final decisions on when and how I want that meta-narrative to end, exactly.  I might do some kind of narrative/guide for tutors, off of this (not so) little set, but that's the sort of thing that could easily take a very long time, and a lot of actual work, so we'll see. 

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 2

This is the second and final half of the Conversion Party block, in the Pagan Visits pamphlet.  It finishes the story between Lyra and Ares, and also serves as the outro to Pagan Visits.


When she sees the convert 
She just has to insert 
Doesn't spend time to flirt 
Or take off her short skirt


04cowgirldual - As Lyra and Ares relaxed together, sharing in their post-coital bliss, more of our sisters, and their beloved boys, started to file in.  It was time for our newest Lilians to get the "Mother's Welcome", and to learn first and foremost, and *firsthand*, exactly what Our Goddess means, when she speaks about the anathema of monogamy.  Lyra, at first, was a little protective of her prize, squeezing him tight, when I strolled up to the two of them, and ran my finger through the little puddle of precum, that had pooled on his smooth tummy.  He shivered at my tender touch, and quietly gasped, as I brought the finger to my lips, tasting his liquid love.  Lyra frowned slightly, as she realized what I was up to, but then sighed, at the surprising pleasure, of a set of little fingers, playing over her thick thighs, and ass.  Slowly, *gently*, I took Ares' hands, and brought him to his feet, my adept acolyte doing the same, for Lyra.  We led them both over to our ritual beds, and the two of us had our fill of *new* boycock, right next to one another!

05embracingboyz - Once Lyra was off and running, she was *all about it*, and while Ares busied himself with fucking his way through each of the pretty priestesses, Lyra quickly learned to love all the "minor" male attention that *she* was getting!  The boys, unsurprisingly, gravitated to her big tits first, teasing, squeezing, and pleasing.  Putting their training to good use, on her tender nipples, and nubile titflesh.  Lyra, for her part, was no slouch, putting those big, soft, lips to work, kissing each of the boys, and whispering the most dazzling of dirty talk, into their waiting ears.  She got both of those skilled hands in on the action, stroking two boys at once, while the others caressed all over her voluptuous form, those pumped-up pricks, sliding all over her soft skin, and coating her in their sticky, silvery, sap.  When one of the boys' tantalizing tools nestled its way between her cheeks, and started probing at her tight, hot, rear entrance, I could see the switch flip, as she *totally* embraced Our Goddess, and lost herself in the pleasure.

06embracingboyz2 -  With a hearty moan, and a few pleased encouragements, Lyra was down on her hands and knees, enveloping the lucky lad who was stroking her tits, with her luscious form.  It didn't take long at all, for his shaft to find its way inside her, taking its place, in her dripping cunt, just inches away from the pistoning, pulsating, prick, that was already sliding in and out of her compact crevice.  By that point, I was just enjoying the show, with little Ares on my lap.  I was slowly, methodically, stroking his stiffness, as he watched Lyra's lewd lips open and close, as she writhed and moaned, between her two lovers.  The two of us locked eyes for a second, but *only* as second, as her gaze dropped lower, and she licked those luscious lips, one more time.  I took a break, from nibbling Ares' earlobe, to whisper my salacious suggestion, and his cock almost jumped in my hands, growing bigger and thicker, in response.  I led him over to Lyra, and gave her the pleasure that she craved, as her tender tongue, tasted Ares' succulent shaft!

07fullylilified - One of the nice things about recruiting out of the Ranch, is that the women we get, tend to be a lot more interested in the deeper elements of our faith, *in addition to* all the hot sex, with even hotter boys.  Lyra's favorite channel on Temple TV had actually been the theological one.  She'd logged twice as many hours there, than on her second favorite, the ever-popular (for Pagans) SuperSoft/UltraSoft station.  It didn't hurt that our theological channel is quite ritual heavy, but hey, the lessons took, and Lyra moved quite swiftly, through the Nun training program.  I was quite happy to officiate the ritual welcoming her into the sisterhood, and the lovemaking we shared that night, was positively *enchanting*.  As a former Pagan herself, she's been an excellent addition to our team, able to convert even single ladies and lesbians, who we'd been having a tough time with, previously.  Sometimes, when dealing with the Pagans, things can seem a little frustrating, but trust me, when everything comes together, it really is, as they would say, *majickal*.

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Pagan Visits Conversion Party 1 Retrospective

Never say I don't deliver on those requests, people.  This is actually turning out to be a fun little outro for the Pagan Visits pamphlet, and it's probably better than what I'd originally had planned. 


I really did overdo the alliteration, on this.  I don't know why, but sometimes that just happens with my narratives.  I think it's mostly just a thing that I do when I'm tired, but I'm not sure.  I should probably stop waiting until the middle of the night to actually do these. 

There's not really that much story to these, they're pretty straightforward.  There isn't much to say about them, either.  The names came from constellations.  The Lilians have a flower theme, and I was going to make the Pagans have a tree theme, but I figured that would be too similar, so I gave them a star theme, instead.  But then I looked it up, and most of the stars are just named after some Arab guy's wives or whatever, so I went with the constellations, instead.  I won't be running out of good names, like I did for the Lilians. 

Ready for some boring shit?  These were incredibly easy to format and write for, since they're all the same size, and they shrink down well.  It's pretty much 1000 characters for each page, which is just enough to do something interesting, but not so much that people start to get bored.  Since there's a hell of a lot of these pictures, I could afford to do an 8 pager with this.  So it's a long outro, but it's not that long.  8000 characters is kind of par for the course, when you're talking about a solid narrative piece.  So good request, to whoever requested this.  I hope it's to your liking.  


Next up is probably just the other half of this, and then that's the outro for Pagan Visits.  Most likely, I'll then either finish up Crone Zone, or try to crank out another theological piece, probably Night Journey Ritual, as quickly as I can.  We'll see which one I do.  I've only got 8 or 9 days left, to do anything on this project, though, and I do have other shit to do in those 8 or 9 days.

But I am happy at how this is coming together at the end.  It's not quite what I'd imagined for the final omnibus, I'd wanted to have a more fleshed out meta-narrative, but whatever.  If there's one thing I've learned, and said, over and over again, during these past years working on this project, it's that we don't always get what we want.  In fact, we almost never get exactly what we want.  But that's okay.  The important thing is that we take what we have, and make it work. 

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 1

This is the Conversion Party block for the Pagan Visits pamphlet.  It essentially closes out the Pagan Visits story, with a nice little erotic narrative, and explains how the Pagans make the transition into the Lilian faith. 


Overdid it on alliteration
Hope it don't mess up your masturbation
Pagans keeping it on this location
Circe's bout to make them all a nation


00introgalz - You've probably noticed by now, that the general goal of our "Pagan Ranching" project is threefold.  First, it provides us with reserve labor, cheap animal-based products, and props up the Pagan Maternalist groups, so that we can continue to hide our organizaton behind theirs.  Second, it keeps our spiritual cousins close at hand, in case of emergencies.  But third, and most importantly, it provides us with a very convenient pool of attractive and receptive women and boys, for conversion.  Case in point, Ares, the adorably nervous boy pictured here, and Lyra, the woman consoling him, are both Pagans, of the "Ero" variety.  Ares had gone through the normal conversion process, from learning to conduct Solo Worship, to worshiping at the honeypots of a number of Priestesses.  Lyra, on the other hand, had largely self-converted, through long nights alone in her quarters, fervently polishing her pearl, to the cuties on Temple TV.  When we invited her to a conversion ceremony, she jumped at the opportunity!

01fapperfrump - We decided to let Lyra, as our guest of honor, take the first crack at little Ares.  He was pretty comfortable with her, since she'd been a fellow Pagan.  He'd spent *plenty* of time nuzzled into her bare breasts, watching cartoons at home, while his mother was out pushing people around, at the Social Security Office.  Lyra, was a childless lesbian at the time, but after moving into the Pagan Ranch complex, she'd *more* than developed a taste for boycock.  At least in *theory*.  Lyra was still a little nervous about flying her true colors, so to start her off, we just gave her a thick onahole, and let her get her bearings, on Ares' tender young shaft.  Spurred on by our friendly encouragements, and by Ares' lusty, lascivious moans and groans, Lyra was bringing him off in no time, his lithe hips jumping up into the slick, rubber channel, as he squeezed our Priestesses tight, and shot his load all the way through the tip of the toy, coating Lyra's plump tits, with hot spunk.

02dildobang - Even though Ares had been nice and converted for a little while, his mother was not.  She was still doing the AgaMom thing, and part of what we wanted to do, with Ares, was to get him better at sex, so that he could convert his mother.  The first steps, would be to show him around a pussy, and what pussy could be better, than the one he'd soon be pounding around inside of?  After a short snuggle session between the two of them, holding and stroking one another, as they watched a couple of lesbian lilian lovers go at it, Lyra set her new lover down, and bent over for him, almost *begging* for him to return the favor, and give her what she needed.  Well, with the tutelage of his tribbing teachers serving as his guide, he picked up the vibe, and got down to business!  Soon, Lyra's lusty language started to get louder, and huskier.  She needed it, and Ares' stiff, dripping, boyhood, showed that *he* would have no objections!

03doggyreal - We were all wondering which kind of boy Ares would be.  Would he be the confident type, sliding it in, when he got horny enough, or would he be the shy, reserved sort, waiting for permission, from his comely coach?  As it turns out, he was the third type, my *personal* favorite!  He got closer and closer, driving the plastic rod in and out, as he lavishly licked Lyra's tight ass, making her squeal, in surprised pleasure.  I could tell, though, that our newest Lilian lover was starting to feel that itch, so I sauntered over, pulled little Ares back up, and guided his slick, shuddering shaft, to Lyra's soaking snatch.  He actually managed to last a decent amount of time, which was surprising, considering that there was no dearth, of delightful distractions, for him to gaze upon.  I couldn't help myself from jumping on one of my girlfriend's luscious lips, and riding her to a much needed orgasm, while watching the two lecherous lovebirds enjoy their new experience together. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lilian Fraternalism Retrospective

I'm actually not sure how long this took to do.  I think between 2 and 3 days, since I took a couple of days off.  I think it was a relatively quick turnaround, though.  It also isn't really that much content, though.  Just another 11 page theological deal.  3 pages, in 8.5x11.  So not much.  I think Chapter 58 was like, 6, but then one of them was the poem, which had a bunch of line breaks. 


I've wanted to do something with the Pinknoise 2 boys set for a while, and I'd had this prewritten up.  I was originally planning to make it something more akin to the Chapter 58 pamphlet, and really, that's kind of how it came out, but instead of going through theologically, and getting specific there, I framed the whole thing in the context of a type of narrative, about this woman in Montreal, and her 2 Acolytes, and how they're doing this ritual, that the lady from one of the CD Covers made up for her. 

There's actually a ton of backstory here, a lot of things that I've been wanting to canonize.  The big one is probably the story of "Auntie Jozefien", which isn't really tackled in huge detail, but I think the basics are about covered.  I had actually wanted to somehow tie the narrative of this woman, and her kids, in with the narrative of Ellen and Greg, from Mommy Bubble 80's.  I had the pics to do it, but it would have required me to essentially make this pamphlet in the 80's as well, which I didn't want to do. 

The second element of backstory that I put in, was the general set and setting of how the rituals are done, and Lilian entertainment overall.  I'd wanted to put this in Crone Zone Sacramento, but I didn't really have enough page.  Basically, the rituals are done up as this sort of big erotic spectacular, where the women get dressed up (in lingerie?) and rent acolytes, and go out to the Temple, and presumably there would be some kind of circular stage, with tables around it, and they'd watch the Lilian themed sexual entertainment, and then go home (or to an afterparty) and fuck all night long.  Or, they dress more rustically (in burlap lingerie?) and hike out to some woods, and do the exact same thing, except instead of tables, they're sitting on blankets, and instead of going home, they fuck under the stars.  Of course, that shit is all just implied, since I'm making mostly oblique references to it, in the text.

The text here is pretty narrative, but not amazingly so, there's quite a bit of guide content, and the narrative is mostly overarching, and related to the characters, and Montreal, and that sort of thing.  It's not narrative like BroSis RockyTop was narrative, and that actually isn't a huge deal of sex in this.  It's there, obviously, I am making porn here, but it's not the main ingredient to this little pamphlet.  Is that a good thing?  A bad thing?  I don't really know, and I probably won't be finding out. 


 So next up, probably tomorrow (the 21st) is the end of Pagan Visits.  No, I have not forgotten about Pagan Visits, or the associated requests.  Then it'll probably be the end of Crone Zone.  Then, I don't know.  Probably I'll make some attempt at actually getting out the Night Journey Ritual pamphlet, and it'll be as half-assed as this one was, but hey, done is done, and I've got like 10 days left to "do", when it comes to DoL.